Pv Wrestling Meeting

Julian Ramirez

On October 26th, the Palo Verde wrestling team hosted an informational meeting for all students interested in participating in the upcoming season.  If you are interested in joining wrestling or any other winter sports, make sure you sign up online at https://www.athleticclearance.com/. Don’t forget to turn in your insurance information and physical forms, which are required to participate in wrestling or any other sport!

During the meeting head coach of the PV wrestling team, Ian John, went into detail about things students will need for wrestling. Students that are participating will need wrestling shoes, running shoes, and appropriate workout clothes. John also listed some things that would be great to have but are completely optional.  Things such as a mouthpieces, hair covers, and or knee/elbow pads. All these things would help make your wrestling experience a lot better.  

When does the wrestling season start? The first tryout/practice will be held on November 5th. Normally you can expect each practice to begin at 4 pm and end at 7 pm. During those practices, students will participate in conditioning, stretching, reviews and drilling. After practice is done, students will help sweep and mop the mats to prevent any spread of illness.  For all the students who missed the meeting, make sure to attend tryouts on November 5th. When going to the tryouts make sure to bring appropriate workout clothes while also staying hydrated and bringing extra water.