PV Culinary Club Caters at the Blythe Livestock Show

Mark Hernandez, Staff Journalist

      On Friday January 13th through Saturday the 14th, the PV Culinary Club teamed up with the Blythe 4-H club and catered at the fairgrounds for the Colorado River Livestock Show. The Culinary Club and Blythe 4-H served a tri-tip dinner with baked potatoes, green beans, and bacon bits for FFA, Livestock clubs, and buyers mostly from California and Arizona on Friday January 13th. They served breakfast burritos, burgers, hotdogs, candy, and beverages on Saturday the 14th, basically a snack shack. Overall the service was great according to members of the PVHS Culinary Club.

      The advisor of the PVHS Culinary Club Jon Holquin created the Culinary Club this school year. Even though the Club is brand new they’ve still found ways to start fundraising for themselves for what they hope can be an awesome field trip at the end of the year. Mr. Holquin had this to say about the service on friday, “It went smooth while I do feel we could use more people to help serve.” Jon also said the overall service was “fantastic.” President of the Culinary Club, Madisyn Salcido had this to say about the service, “It’s awesome to see the club come together every once in awhile and have a great time.”

      Jon Bush cooked all the food for the Culinary Clubs catering service. I asked Kori Madsen who was at the service if the food was good, this is what she had to say, “The food was a 10/10 for me, the tri tip was definitely the best part”, another person who was at the event, Morgan Nicklaus, said this about the food, “the food overall was great, I’m a huge fan of the green beans with bacon bits.” Jon Bush said the service was great and teaming up with the Culinary Club was a great experience. 

      Mr Holquin exclaimed that this service was a very important one because it put them over, now in Blythe the PVHS Culinary Club is more well known. The service not being disappointing was a huge boost in credibility to the PVHS Culinary Club. Mr Holquin had this to say, “Now that everything is clicking and we have momentum off a good service, we can keep rolling and get more jobs to fund our club.” Madisyn Salcido said this about the momentum coming out of the service at the fairgrounds, “coming off this now we can be more successful and be the best club we can be.”

      Many FFA members exclaimed that the Culinary Club was very respectful and welcoming. Katelyn Bush said, “they had a great snack shack, lots of stuff to choose from.” What’s next for the PVHS Culinary Club? On February 23rd the PVHS Culinary Club are teaming up with the History Club to cater food for 150 people! We can only wish the PVHS Culinary Club luck on their future endeavors and hope their club continues to be successful.