Pep Rally 05/24


This past Wednesday May, 24 PVHS held a pep rally to celebrate the accomplishments of the PVHS Track Team that consist of Matthew Robertson, Markus Macon, Gabriel Dagnino, Xzavier Bejarano, and we also celebrated the PV Girls Varsity Softball team advancing to the CIF Semifinals. The Track team took home third place in the 4X 100 relay which consisted of Matthew Robertson, Markus Macon, Gabriel Dagnino, and Xzavier Bejarano. In addition Mathew Robertson was a 3X medalist! Matthew placed 1st in the 100 and 200 and took home third place in the 4×100 relay. The Track team did fantastic and we could not be more proud of them and their accomplishments! In addition the PVHS Girls Varsity Softball Team advanced to the CIF Semifinals in an easy 8-2 victory, also they will now be advancing to the CIF Championship after a 4-3 Victory in the semifinals! The pep rally took place during second period on wednesday the 24th and everyone made it out for our Jackets. The cheerleaders put on a performance and the band played some sweet tunes while we celebrated the accomplishments of our very own Yellow Jackets. A big goodluck to Matthew Robertson as he advances to compete in the State CIF track meet and the Varsity Softball team on their journey to be ringed!