All Set for Prom 2023

Tony Vazquez, Staff Journalist

     Prom 2023 is looking to be the best in a while at PV. “Casino Nights” is the theme this year as requested by many students. There are going to be a lot of intriguing things at the prom this year. The Class of 2024 was responsible for planning it all out this year, those class officers along with their president, advisor, and even a member of the prom committee gave some details about what to expect at this year’s prom. They are also having a never done before dinner option at the fairgrounds the same day as prom.

     Prom will be taking place May 20th at the fairgrounds. The ticket prices are $40 for a single, $70 for a couple, with Seniors having free admission. The Class of 2024 Officers along with their prom committee had a lot of decisions to make. Class President Mark Hernandez spoke about the committee and said, “They were very helpful in deciding between numerous options to make the prom the best it could be.” He also gave them their props for gathering table sponsors for the prom saying, “I’m thankful for everyone on the committee that has gathered a $100 table sponsor to help raise money for the class and for our activities next year.” He was really happy with how things turned out within the committee. The organization of prom court wasn’t always easy however according to Mark. The process “got very messy at some points in time but ultimately the 12 people on the court put their work, effort, and time into the class.” Planning something this massive can definitely become stressful. Mark said, “I won’t say planning it was stressful but the idea of prom was very stressful because you don’t know if people are going to like it or not.”In the end he feels like “even if it sucks, nothings gonna change the next day, but I still hope it’s the best prom ever at PVHS.”

     Class of 2024’s Vice President Wendy Andrade shared input on her feelings towards some of the events at prom. She supported the dinner saying, “I think it’s a good idea for kids that don’t have anywhere to go for dinner and I feel like it’ll bring people together and make a good profit for class, overall it’s a very good idea and one that should be done for years to come.” She was also a big fan of the “Casino Nights” theme. “I like the theme and I think a lot of people will go with it. The decorations and the poker tables all go together very well and I feel like the pictures are going to come out nice.” Expect a lot of people to be in line for both the photo booth and for the professional photography pictures.

     A very important key in planning a big event like this is having a very supportive and hard working Class Advisor. Jon Holquin is the Class of 2024’s Advisor and all of the officers are very glad that he is their Advisor. He helps out in many different ways and is always involved in his class and their activities. He says he is “very proud of my group of officers, they’re always putting their full effort into everything we do for the class.” The Class of 2024 had a huge improvement compared to last year and that has been huge in planning the best possible Prom.