Joseph Galvan Named Student Trustee to the PVUSD Board of Education

Jazmin De La O, Staff Reporter

Joseph Galvan, seen here with Superintendent Tracie Kern, is presented to the board as the 2022-2023 Student Trustee for the PVUSD Board of Education. (Lois Schaffer)

This year at Palo Verde High School we have a Student Board Member Representative. Joseph Galvan was selected to be our 2022-2023 Student Board Member Representative. He takes on this position with big responsibilities that we know he can live up to. Joseph was appointed this position because he is very thoughtful when it comes to his classmates and peers, and will always do what’s best for all students in the district. A student board member gives the school board the perspective of the students. Being a representative for the students on the school board is very important not just for the students but for the rest of the board members to understand how and just what the students want. The Board of Education hears what Joseph Galvan has to say at meetings. Joseph says it’s a nerve-racking position to have, but he’s thankful for it because he can bring students together. One thing Joseph has to say to students is “It is never too late to turn things around.”