Blythe FFA Spirit Week is back!

Mark Hernandez, Staff Journalist

     On the week of February 20th, 2023 Blythe FFA Spirit was held at PVHS. FFA Spirit week is a week of the celebration of all things FFA including dress up days and fun activities. Even on a shortened week Blythe FFA still made the most of it and had an awesome week full of fun. FFA week capped off with a meeting on thursday, February 22.

    The dress up days this time around for FFA week were, “Great and easily accessible choices” according to FFA officer Katelyn Bush. The first dress up day was Tiny Tot Tuesday, the guidelines were to dress like a baby or toddler. For Wednesday of the week the dress up day was Way Down South Wednesday, the guidelines for this dress up day were to dress like a cowboy or cowgirl. On Thursday the dress up day was Throw It Around Thursday, dress business on top and party on the bottom viceversa. For FFA if you dressed up it was  FFA point towards there needed total of 15 FFA points per semester. FFA President Morgan Nicklaus had this to say about the dress up days, “They were a big hit, I think our dress up ideas were good.”

     Each day during snack break FFA would host a game at the basketball courts for 1 FFA point if you came out victorious. On Tuesday FFA played minute to win it , the game was competitive but everyone still had fun and laughs. On Wednesday FFA played a minute to win it once again, this game was, “definitely the most competitive game of minute to win it  we had, everyone liked it and got into it” as said by FFA Officer Katelyn Bush.” To end FFA Spirit week on Thursday they played another game of minute to win it , it was a great way to close out the games for FFA Spirit Week. I asked FFA President Morgan Nicklaus what her thoughts were on the games played at Snack break this is what she ad to say, “I feel it was a success because everyone who wanted to be there was there and that’s the best part about having things like this, having people who actually wanna be there.” Overall FFA Spirit week was a huge hit this time around and PVHS can’t wait to see what the next one brings to our school.