Community clean up

On March 25, there will be a community clean-up day at Miller park. It would be greatly appreciated if all students can attend since they are in need of volunteers. Many teachers will be there and depending on your class they might offer extra credit for attending and help cleaning. If you are interested in volunteering they will be there at Miller park from 7-11 AM.  All the supplies needed will be handed out and refreshments will be provided. In case you are on the edge of deciding here are some reasons why it’s important to clean our local parks.


Trash at our local parks isn’t a good look and it’s definitely not good for the people who visit our local parks. The people who visit the park go to enjoy a day outside and do social activities there. Some might bring their children to play on the playset or simply relax there. When they are there they are there to enjoy nature and have fun. They don’t want to see trash laying around playsets where their kids play or sit under a tree that has can’s and empty bags of chips laying around. 


It’s also important to clean up the park due to dangerous conditions for children.  It is important to clean up glass or sharp objects that may hurt them. By having a clean and danger-free park parents won’t have to worry about kids getting harmed. It also increases interest from people to attend parks. Overall cleaning your local park is important to have a good place for your community to gather together and have fun.