Fueling Our Futures



The Ironwood State Prison Employee Association Scholarship being presented to the winning students; Madisyn Salcido, Gracelyn Amaya, Julissa Cano, Dana Padilla, Elizabeth Smith, Logan Mullion, and Emmanuel Nwisu. Congratulations!

Julian Guerrero

Scholarships are a gateway that enables students who aspire to further their education to do so without having to worry as much about finances. They are a great way to reduce the cost of college and make higher education more accessible. They are generously donated by members and associations of our community who want to assist future generations of students in their efforts to make a difference in the world. A thank you from the Class of 2023 goes out to everybody who was kind enough to donate scholarship money. Different companies and organizations gave out scholarships which have different requirements and criteria to be considered for the reward. There were an abundance of soroptimist scholarships, which only female applicants had the opportunity to win. There were also agricultural scholarships which were exclusive only to the applicants who were planning on starting a career pathway into the agricultural stem. Another exclusive scholarship group were those that were only going to two year colleges. Those who went to four year universities aso had certain scholarships that were only available for them. 

There were lots of students who had won scholarships on June 1, the day of the scholarship awarding ceremony. Over 40 students have been awarded scholarships, with the total amount of money being donated exceeding $69,000. Both Principal Mrs. Angel and Counselor Elearie Johnson stated that the Class of 2023 had, by far, the biggest group of students who received scholarships.


The winners of the scholarships are as follows:


American Legion Auxiliary presented by Jo Thomas

Jonathan Tennefos and Lezly Sosa-Bejarano($500)


American Legion Post #24 presented by Dolly Razo

Juan Madrid and Suni Gallardo ($500)

Jasmine Vasquez, Cali DeLaRosa, Maryan Lopez, Kaylee Green, Kalina Richards, Gia Quiroz, and Alexis Perez ($150)


Auxiliary to the VFW Post #2987 – Jacob E. Baker presented by Mona Barth

Galilea Silva-Cid, Suni Gallardo, and Gia Quiroz ($500)


Blythe Elk’s Club presented by Pamela Wray

Davin Clayton, Jorge Perez, Mason Wolfinbarger and David Velasco ($500)


Blythe Energy Plant presented by Butch Hall

Syrah Navarro ($1,000)


Blythe Jaycees presented by Jessica Iniguez

Suni Gallardo, Mark Barth, Madisyn Salcido, Manuel Milke,Ahtziri Santos ($400)


Blythe Lions Club presented by Rebecca Marquez

Bethany Castillo and Angel Rubalcava ($500)


Blythe Rotary Club presented by Stephanie Slagan

Gracelyn Amaya ($1,000)

Nicole Heveron, Ava Dahlstrom, Anaya Patel, Julian Guerrero ($500)


CA Retired Teachers Association Division #43 presented by Maggie Hamilton and Estelle Dahl

Parker Loureiro ($1,000)


California School Employees Association presented by Sarah Sanchez

Davin Clayton ($300)

Khalil Copple and Elisa Flores ($200)


California Women For Agriculture presented by Debra Stoschein and Jacque DeConnick


CWA Scholarship

Mckenzie Crawford, Logan Mullion, Brycelyn Bradstreet ($1,000)


American Ag Credit

Mckenzie Crawford, Brycelyn Bradstreet, Logan Mullion ($1,000)


Lou Ann Lester Memorial Teachers

Gia Quiroz ($2,000)


Jessie L. Olson Memorial

Brycelyn Bradstreet ($1,000)


Gloria Stroschein Memorial

Brycelyn Bradstreet ($2,000)


Colorado River Fair Farm Olympics, In Memory of Troy Love presented by LeeAnn Vidaurri

Markus Macon, Logan Mullion, Jazmin Cevallos, Mckenzie Crawford ($400)


Dobbs Duffers Fore Children presented by Tammy Dobbs

Joseph Galvan and Jazmin Cevallos ($500)

Mason Wolfinbarger, Suni Gallardo, Elizabeth Smith, Angel Rubalcava, Caylyn Clark, Galilea Silva-Cid ($250)


Dr. George and Marcella Thomas Scholarship presented by George and Marcella Thomas

Markus Macon and Arianna Parrish ($500)


Eric K. Wilson II Memorial presented by Eric Wilson

Emmanuel Nwisu ($500)


Felix J. Appleby presented by Britt Louriero and Brenda Rymer

Madisyn Salcido and Parker Loureiro ($500)


Finn Auto Group presented by Patty Johnson and James Pierce

Nicholas Mojica ($500)

Juan Saldana, Eduardo Morales ($250)


Hull Family Scholarship presented by Lance and Butch Hull

Ahtziri Santos, Nicole Heveron, Ava Dahlstrom ($500)


Ironwood State Prison Employee Association presented by Neil McDowell, Candelaria Sanchez, Michelle Cota

Madisyn Salcido, Gracelyn Amaya, Julissa Cano, Dana Padilla, Elizabeth Smith, Logan Mullion, Emmanuel Nwisu ($500)


Isaac Lee Moore Memorial presented by Beverly Mays

Emmanuel Nwisu ($200)

Markus Macon ($150)

Landon Salazar, Ahtziri Santos, Xzavier Bejarano, Jonathan Tennefos, David Velasco, Ava Dahlstrom, Jasmine Vasquez, Anthony Davidson, Carlos Gomez, Ray McBeth ($100)


Joe Grijalva Memorial presented by Valerie Grijalva

Cadence Krisell, Parker Loureiro, Madison Dagnino, Rio Albanez ($500)


Joey Rodriguez Memorial presented by Angela Rodriguez

Emmanuel Nwisu and Madisyn Salcido ($600)


John Birdsong Memorial presented by Karen Sutton

David Velasco and Julissa Cano ($500)


Margaret White Elementary Scholarship presented by Carole Fibrow and Rebecca Dagnino

Rio Albanez, Khalil Copple, Madison Dagnino, Brycelyn Bradstreet, Anthony Davidson, Emmanuel Nwisu ($500)


Modern Ginning Company presented by Rosie Navarro and LeeAnn Viduarri

Logan Mullion, Rio Albanez, Mckenzie Crawford, Syrah Navarro ($500)


Once Upon A Bear, Ruth Brown Elementary presented by Lorena Tribby

Logan Mullion and Manuel Milke ($500)

Davin Clayton, David Velasco, Leonardo Godinez, Julissa Cano ($250)


PVHS Class of ‘89 presented by LeeAnn Viduarri

Cadence Krisell and Christian Garnica ($300)


Palo Verde Teachers Association presented by Elizabeth Tedesco

Rio Albanez and Parker Loureiro ($1,000)


Palo Verde Quilt Guild presented by Sue Valenzuela and Dora Lee Grundy

Madisyn Salcido and Leonardo Godinez ($1,000)

Emilee Carter ($500)


Riverside Co Sheriff’s Dept Colorado River Station presented by Alex Rubalcava

Joshua Perez and Charlene Barrera ($550)


Soroptimist International of Blythe presented by Betty Covel


Soroptimist International 

Gracelyn Amaya ($2,000)

Mckenzie Crawford ($600)


Soroptimist – Alta Gas

Ava Dahlstrom ($1,000)


Soroptimist – Annita Wiley Memorial

Galilea Silva-Cid ($500)


Soroptimist – Dream It, Be It

Alexia Figueroa ($500)


Soroptimist – Jeanene Manly Memorial

Madisyn Salcido ($2,000)


The Barber Scholarship presented by Cristian Gomez

Brianna Benefield ($800)


The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California presented by Jason Rollo

Jonathan Tennefos ($500)


Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2987 presented by Vincent Armendariz

Brooke Martinez ($1,000)

Rio Albanez ($500)

Bree Ortiz and Davin Clayton ($250)


Commander Armendariz VFW Scholarship

Juan Madrid and Joseph Galvan ($500)


Every student who has been given a scholarship is beyond grateful to their gifters. We truly cannot thank you enough.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, Emmanuel Nwisu was awarded the Charles “Porky” Jacobs Citizenship Award. The trophy is dedicated to the memory of Charles “Porky” Jacobs who was a resident of Palo Verde. The Blythe Jaycees established this award. Emmanuel was awarded with this to commemorate his contribution and altruistic deeds for the Palo Verde Valley School District. His name will be engraved on the trophy. “I am very honored and appreciative for receiving it. I appreciate my parents for raising me to be the person I am today.”- Emmanuel on receiving the reward.