Winter Sports Registration

Nelly E. Unzon Gonzalez

Registering before tryouts is a vital step in order to play sports. This season, winter sports registration ended on Wednesday, October 26th. Timothy Jorgensen, one of the girls’ soccer coaches, spoke on why it is important for registration to be done before tryouts. “ Registration is done before tryouts so that we will have an idea of who and what size of the group to expect for tryouts.  This is vital information needed by the coaches. We need to know who is serious about making the team.” There is only a certain number of people that make the team and the coaches need to prepare in order to know how to set up themselves for tryouts. Mrs. Hann, Athletic Director for PVHS explains how “With over 200 students interested in participating each season, it requires a lot of time for the office to verify that each student has met the requirements and scholastic eligibility… Doing this paperwork prior to tryouts is a way to make sure the opportunity is open to all students and also ensures that we do not allow ineligible students to participate which would result in a forfeit.” 

The requirements in order to register include Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation/History, PVUSD Consent/Proof of Insurance Form, CIF Concussion Information Sheet, CIF Sudden Cardiac Arrest,  CIF Heat Illness, CIF Ethics in Sports, PVHS Steroid Use Agreement, PVHS Athletic Program Guidelines, PVHS Consent for Participation,  PVHS Covid-19 Waiver & Informed Consent. According to coach Jorgensen, Girls’ Soccer tryouts are on Nov. 7th.  If you are interested in joining girls’ soccer and have done your registration, try-out dates are November 7th, 8th, and 9th. For more information on soccer, basketball, and wrestling tryouts see the article “One Team, One Dream.”