Espanolandia Hosts Movie Night

Delysa Camargo-Martinez, Staff Reporter

       Espanolandia Club held its very first movie night fundraiser last Friday night. The Espanolandia Club showed the movie, “Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark.”

      The tickets for the movie were $2 per person and it was hosted at the Cafeteria, they even had delicious snacks for you to buy. For instance, they sold pizza, nachos, kettle popcorn, candy, sodas, and of course water. Even though they showed the movie during a Thursday night football game they still had about 50 people show up. Espanolandia ended up making a profit of $200 for their field trip. 

      Before the Espanolandia Club could have the movie night president Omar had to hold a lot of different meetings to make sure they had a place to show the movie, figure out who’s all going to help out, turn in the donations so they could buy decorations, and set everything up.

      Every year Mr. Armenta and his students raise money for their annual trip. This year they decided to go to Forest Lawn Cemetery to see an art showcase and after that, they will be on their way to Six Flags. Also, Espanolandia raises money to go on more trips during the year and to celebrate other cultural events like Valentine’s Day. 

      Overall, the movie was successful and fun. Mr. Armenta said, “The kids seemed to enjoy the movie. It wasn’t hot or too cold so I think everyone would agree they had fun. I’m just glad we didn’t have any issues with the movie and we might do another movie sometime this school year.”