Peer Mediation Flowergram Special

Jazmin De La O, Staff Reporter

 Palo Verde High’s very own Peer Mediation Club is an in school club that helps out students. Peer Mediators console students in a way that helps them resolve problems or conflict in a more efficient, calm way. It’s a calm approach to any situation having students talk to their peers for advice. The school club had recently sold flowergrams this Valentines Day. Flower Grams are essentially a way to show your appreciation to a friend. Flower grams are real flowers that peer mediation hand delivered to whomever you wish on February 10th during the school day. 

“It’s a way to surprise your friends with a sweet gift.” Says Peer Mediator Jessica Russum. They advertised by making flyers and posting them all around Palo Verde campus. The flier shows that you can send a Rose (for 3$ dollars), or a  Carnation for only $2 dollars to anyone of your choice. Peer Mediation also had the details written in chalk all around campus. It is a fun, different way to showcase and grab attention for these flower grams. They were delivered on February 10th from Ms Carones Room 13. Giving your friends a piece of appreciation is sweet and supporting the club is also highly appreciated. 

Peer mediation had a good time putting this school wide event together for all students to enjoy and get involved in.  Adviser Ms Carone worked really hard with the club and got lots of flowers to prepare and send out in grams. Peer Mediators also worked really hard to make sure the event happened smoothly and students should appreciate that. They started taking orders a week or so before they would be passed out so everyone had the chance to go in and get some. Students, Staff, everyone around campus participated and got in on this fun event. 

All students in the club got involved and sold flower grams. Peer Mediators also did an amazing job getting the word out and telling everyone around campus. “It was fun seeing others’ reactions to getting gifted a flower gram.” says Peer Mediator Tanaya Holley. When the flower grams were delivered, classes got to see which of their peers received a gift and some also got shocked with a flower gram of their own from a friend. The whole Palo Verde campus had an amazing time buying flower grams and spreading joy throughout the school.