Pet Club Fundraiser


Julian D Guerrero

There are many clubs here at PV. Almost every club needs some kind of money in order to function, so fundraisers are seemingly always going on. With that being said, there’s yet another fundraiser that will be happening in our school and community. The Pet Club will be holding a fundraiser next month, it will last from April 6th to April 28th. The Pet Club’s focus is to provide assistance to local stray animals in the community and provide service to the community animal shelter whenever possible. They strive to have the community work together in order to lower the stray population, lower the suffering of homeless animals, and rehome unwanted/stray animals. 

The President of the Pet Club, Bethany Castillo, provided information about the fundraiser. The Club will be selling dog treat goodie bags. It will include store-bought treats as well as homemade treats. The homemade treats will be made by hand by club members. “We haven’t decided on what type of homemade dog treat will be made yet but we’re working on that,” says Bethany. The goodie bags weren’t the only option for the fundraiser. Club Members were deciding if they should try to sell leftover charms but they chose to go with something else. There are also going to be other items included in the goodie bag that are not treats. There will be charms for necklaces and bracelets included from past fundraisers. The necklaces and bracelets will also be included in the bag. The club members will be making them the weekend before May 6, and the weekend of April 29th and 30th. The club will be distributing the bags between May 1st and May 5th. Each one of the bags will cost a total of $10. All of the funds that are raised from this fundraiser will go towards trying to bring a Spay and Neuter Clinic to Blythe with no charge to the patients. “We missed the target amount this year so it’ll help next year’s club get closer to that goal,” explains Bethany. The club, unfortunately, couldn’t raise enough to support our community’s pets with a completely complimentary clinic this year, but they should have enough to get it here next year. 

According to the President of the Club, this fundraiser will, unfortunately, be the last of the 2022-2023 school year. Mrs. Andaya, the Pet Club Advisor, will sadly likely be leaving next school year. This means that there will need to be a brand-new advisor for the club. With this new advisor, Bethany states that “it’s my hope that next year’s club will have more interest and come up with new ideas for fundraising like we have this year.” This year’s club plans to leave any leftover items or supplies for next year’s club to use as they need. As you can see, the Pet Club is following through with its goal of helping the community and its members’ pets. Best of luck to the Pet Club with the upcoming fundraiser!