Pet Club Helps Pets Find Loving Homes

Kristal Ramos

Lucky doggie! Another pet finds a good home with the help of Pet Club. (Ms. Andaya)

A kitten that Pet Club members rescued and found a home for. (Ms. Andaya)

Are you a person that cares for stray animals? Our school pet club’s purpose is to help stray animals get off the street and foster animals until they find a forever home.  The Palo Verde Pet Club adviser is Ms. Andaya. She was offered the position because of her love for animals. The pet club members hold fundraisers to help get stray animals to safety. On their Instagram account “pvhs_pet_club_22_23” they let people know about the dogs and cats they currently have up for adoption. 

Ms. Andaya says her future goals for the pet club are “To get more students and parents involved in helping reduce the stray problem through spay/neuter services.” She would also like “to educate the community about the options available to reduce the stray problem and to have compassion and respect for stray animals.” If you are an animal lover and would like to help them find a loving home the Pet Club is still accepting new members. To become a member you can join the google classroom (code:wnb6jcv) and/or attend the next meeting.