2022 Float Construction is Full-Steam Ahead!

     Homecoming is a big part of a high school kid’s year. When someone says homecoming, what does it mean to you? It may mean nothing to you but for some, it means the football game. For others, it’s the dance. But for many people, not just high school kids, but for people all over town, it means the parade. Where many people all over town come together and watch the floats or are on one. A big part of the parade is the floats. But how do those floats come to be? They are put together by parents, teachers, and even high school alumni. But, the main thing is that they are mostly made by us, High school students here at PV high school. This is why float construction is a big aspect of our high school experience.

     Float construction is the battle between all four classes to see who has the best float for one of the most significant events in town. Float construction helps everyone get along and show pride in their class. This is the process of coming together and cooperating with your class to build a float. Float construction has a different meaning to everyone. Sophomore Rubi Gonzalez says that float construction is “Taking pride in what I do to help my class.” While sophomore Danni Dill says that, “I feel like homecoming is a really big deal in town and it’s nice to be involved in something like that.” 

     People go to float construction meetings for different reasons. Freshman advisor Ms. Hickox states, “Building the float gets more kids to get along and get to know each other.” 

     There have been many fun times that the kids have had while building the float. According to Tony Vazquez class of 2024 secretary, “ it’s been fun because we listen to music while putting the float together and we talk and have a swell time.” Also, Mark Hernandez likes when everyone gets along and builds the float. The seniors have also enjoyed eating tacos and watching football while putting their floats together.

     Even though there are good things that come out of float construction, there are some challenges as well. All classes have struggled with people to participate. One of the things that was challenging for the juniors was building the bee because it was old and rusty according to Mark Hernandez. The Seniors have had some challenges with the float as well. Some of the challenges they faced were “rearranging the decorations without making the area too crowded” – Alexia Figueroa.

     But, with these problems, many people who have gone to a float construction meeting have enjoyed it and plan on going to all the rest of them. It is with these people that 4 unique floats are created and presented during the homecoming parade.