PVHS Cross Country: Run Fast or Be Last!

Nicole Heveron

     “I gave everything as I ran the 5000 meters. I was so happy that we couldn’t find the right words. But we didn’t need them.” These are the motivating words that Kenenisa Bekele gave after setting the world record in the 5000 meter and 10,000 meter races. Cross Country is the sport of running across trails and the countryside, as opposed to on a track or road. It comes with its own set of unique challenges, such as being able to overcome the burning pain that you are inflicting upon yourself. You have to take responsibility for yourself, there are no linebackers, or centers to blame if you lose, no bad teammates. Your wins- and ultimately your losses- are all on your own accord.

     Last year, 10 of our runners raced in CIF division finals races- facing off against 15 other teams, with many PR’s (Personal Records)  along the way. This season Cross Country has put a focus on training and team spirit, with many bonding sessions and intense training, they are building a team stronger than ever. “We use a modified version of the  Lydiard Method of Training.” Coach Jorgenson stated,  “We use his 48 hour muscle recovery rate- that means we have one hard practice then one easier one.  Lynard is the guru of cross country… we still use his methods to this day, and we see the results in our team.”  They have taken to improved and modern training methods and taken advantage of the landscape of our town.  Team Captain, Madden Dowling, explained their training this way, “Our coaches call our training high-intensity training because we live in the desert. So when we start it’s always above 100 degrees at practices. So sometimes we go through the splash pad or do what we can to cool down. But other times, we don’t get to cool down and keep going. This means that we are more prepared than other schools when we run in their version of ‘Hot Weather.’”

     Their effort in practice shows on the field. The boys and girls’ last race on Saturday against Dana Hills included great times, with the top 5 girls finishing under 27:00, and the top 5 boys finishing under 22:00. They race again this Friday (09/30) at Balboa Park, in San Diego. Show up and support our cross country team as they take on one of the more challenging courses on their calendar. As the runners say, “Uno! Dos! Tres! Palo Verde!”