Peer Mediation

Gustavo Soto, Journalism

I created this article to encourage children to speak their minds and know that someone is listening to them. Peer mediation is an effective method of resolving disputes. Student mediators work with peers to resolve conflicts. In response to my question about what peer mediation entails, Ms. Carone, a science teacher and peer mediation advisor at Palo Verde High School, stated that there are three services provided by the peer mediation program. Students can receive peer counseling to resolve disagreements. Students can ask for a counseling session with a peer mediator if they have any problems. Peer tutors who help students succeed in their classrooms by guiding them as they use critical thought to solve problems are inquiry-based.   

Peer mediation can be used to resolve disagreements. In order to resolve a conflict, two or more students must agree to work together. Peer mediation is a procedure where two or more people collaborate to identify problems and provide solutions that are acceptable to both parties. This kind of mediation is frequently employed to assist in the non-confrontational resolution of problems in businesses, educational institutions, and other social situations. When I asked Ms. Carone how peer mediation benefits the students, she stated that it improved their speaking and listening abilities for use not only in the program’s peer mediation, peer tutoring, and peer counseling but also in their day-to-day interactions for the rest of their lives. This initiative fosters friendships among a large number of people

I like Peer Mediation. There are several advantages of peer mediation. First, it allows for a more open dialogue between students and encourages them to work together to find a mutually acceptable solution. This type of mediation helps to reduce the risk of further conflict escalation, as it allows for more open communication and understanding between the students. Peer mediation is often less expensive and more efficient than other forms of dispute resolution and can help to reduce the amount of time and resources needed to resolve a conflict. The process of peer mediation begins with the selection of mediators The outcome of the mediation should not affect the objectivity of the mediators. I asked Ms. Carone what she likes about peer mediation. She said that peer mediation is a great way for students to improve their communication skills, understand human behavior, and solve problems. The skills students learn in Peer Mediation will help them throughout their lives in every relationship, whether that be with family, friends, colleagues, peers, employers, or employees. 

The mediators should be chosen based on their impartiality and knowledge of the subject matter. Once the mediators have been selected, they will work with the students to come up with a mutually agreeable solution. The mediation process will encourage the students to talk openly and listen to each other. They will help the student come up with solutions. Once a solution has been reached, the mediators will help to ensure that the agreement is followed and that the students are satisfied with the outcome. In a non-confrontational way, peer mediation can be an effective way of resolving disputes. The parties should be willing to work together to reach a mutually acceptable solution and the mediators should remain impartial. Peer mediation can be used to resolve conflict and improve relationships. I asked Ms. Carone what information about your plan and approach did you want the school board to know and why? She answered that “Peer mediation is an application-only club/class, and all class members are automatically enrolled in the club. The class is necessary as sensitive topics are covered, and skills required to successfully complete a mediation, counseling session, or tutoring are taught and mastered. This program encourages nonviolent resolutions to conflict on campus as well as providing support for students who may not feel comfortable talking to adults about an issue they have. This program is beneficial for both the Peer Mediators and the study body that uses it”.