Prom 2K23

Jonathan Crowe

The prom was a great night and the casino night idea did not disappoint. The  casino tables and the picture background with oversized playing cards were amazing with real games and chips, gambling for a chance to win AirPod Pros. At the door you walk into a red carpet into the dance with black and gold ceiling fabric and a table where you vote for king and queen and 5 chips. The games were blackjack, roulette table and poker and whoever had the most chips at the end of the night would win the prize on monday. The snack table was set perfectly and the treats were decorated like playing cards and playing card suits treats like cake pops, chocolate covered pretzel and rice krispy treats also 2 amazing chocolate fountains with marshmallows and strawberries. The drinks station was nice and the drinks were great, drinks like pina colada and shirley temple. 

The turn out of the prom was good with all smiles with an amazing photo booth. Senior Lezly Bejarano says it was an amazing experience and a great idea of the casino by the juniors, other senior classmates say it was fun gambling and playing the little games the juniors did themselves for sure. Mark, our junior class president, was glad he picked the casino night theme with the rest of the class saying that it was the best outcome and he was happy to be apart of it all in a big way. Other junior classmates said that they hope next year’s juniors can top them and have an even better night than they did.

The most exciting part of the night was the naming of the prom king and queen. ALl the the walk outs and little dances the candidates had were great and really fun. Rio Albanez and Ahzri Santos were in attendance our last year’s prom King and Queen, to crown our new winners Mark Hernandez and Katelyn Bush. Congratulations to them. Mark said, “It was my best high school experience yet, I honestly thought I wasn’t going to win so I was super surprised when Mr. Holquin announced that I won. The atmosphere and feeling of winning was super cool but what I enjoyed most was celebrating it with my friends.” Katelyn says she feels very good about winning prom queen and that she is very appreciative for this opportunity and the accomplishments of winning this title. They were both very appreciative and they’ll be ready to crown next year’s prom king and queen.