Girls Volleyball took it to the Playoffs!!

Tony Vazquez

 The Palo Verde Girls Volleyball team advanced to the CIF playoffs. The Girls Volleyball team ended the season with a 12-19 record and they were 3-5 in league games which was good for 3rd in the desert league. I had a conversation with the head coach of the team Nikki Slick. I asked her some questions regarding the team she coached this year and how she felt about the season the girls put together. Coach Nikki did a great job with the team this year and I’m glad she was willing to let me do this interview with her.

 I asked what her thoughts were on how the season played out and she told me, “Myself and the other two coaches are extremely proud of the season’s outcome, the players, and all their hard work. We had had so much fun with these awesome athletes and watching them grow this season was such a special experience.” I also wanted to know what she felt were the big reasons for the team making the playoffs this year. Her response to this was, “There are so many variables when it comes to making playoffs and having a successful season, but I’d say that the coaching staff, the players, and having that common goal makes a world of difference. Even after our losses, the girls and the coaching staff could stand there with our heads high and be able to look back on each experience with a positive outlook. What a change up it is.”

 It is obvious that both the coaches and players were very committed to making it to the playoffs this year. Coach Nikki was very optimistic about the team going into next season. She told me, “ Next season is going to be a knockout. I have so much excitement looking forward and I know that our wonderful staff, our phenomenal athletes, and our common goal will take us ALL THE WAY!” She is excited about next season and feels like the team next year will also put together a really strong run in the playoffs.

Along with being excited to coach the team next year, there are also some other obstacles. The seniors graduating will be moving on and some players are going to be put in a position to step up to their roles. She told me she had a message for her seniors and for her returning players so I wanted to end it off with what she had to say to her athletes. She said, “To my seniors: it’s been an honor working with you. You guys really set the bar high. To my returners: Myself and Coach Shannon are so excited to continue guiding you to success. Finally, Here’s to many more memories and to all the wonderful ones we have made.”