One Team , One Dream

Nicole Heveron

As our fall sports season comes to a close, our student-athletes begin to make the transition to winter sports. Coaches and athletes alike have already started preparing for the up-and-coming tryouts that begin on Saturday, November 5th. They do this by checking the athletic clearance, beginning pre-season training, and setting the expectations to be on the team. To be cleared for winter sports, it is required that you have: a copy of insurance, a physical clearance, must be registered online, and must meet scholastic eligibility. If you are interested in the technicalities, see attached article – Winter Sports Registration.

Just as every sport is unique, Coaches’ expectations and tryout requirements vary from sport to sport. Troy Peterson, who will be the head coach for Girls Basketball this winter, disclosed what he looks for during tryouts. “Basically, in a potential player, I see if they have a basic understanding of basketball. If they know how to work as a team, even when it comes to the things they are not good at are they still going to try at it? Are they coachable and willing to listen?” Despite this statement, sometimes winning is just a bit more important than attitude.

Coach Mendez of Girls Soccer said this about his potential team: “We are taking 36 girls for our total roster, it will be split 18 for each team. I am looking to build a team that is strong-willed, passionate and willing to do whatever is necessary to win a game. I want Palo Verde to earn respect from every team in the entire Imperial Valley. We only play to win. We practice each week with the mindset that we are going to beat our next opponent. Our goal each season is to end up with a title.”

Tryouts can be hard for student-athletes, coaches, and even parents! However, it is important to begin tryouts with a positive mindset and an understanding that you can’t control the outcome- only the amount of effort you put in. Best of luck, let’s go Jackets!