2022 Cross Country

Lakyah Ausbun

“Intense.” That is the one word that can describe the cross country experience. Although that may seem scary, it’s a lot more fun than you think. This year at Palo Verde High, the 2022 Cross Country team has made tons of individual progress, but even more as a team. Both team captains, Jasmine Vasquez and Madden Dowling, have made comments on just how much the sport has helped them in and out of their races. Jasmine has said she is “more confident” in herself and Madden said Cross country has helped him “open up more.” Not only that, but the team has an improved “collective social life,” meaning sports aren’t just good for keeping fit. 

Even their coach has been given props for their “constant progress,” according to Jasmine. Jasmine says they owe their progress toward goals to Jorgensen’s great coaching. As anyone can tell, Cross Country hasn’t had many home races, but their next home race will be on October 8th, 2022 for both the Girls and Boys Teams. 

Outside of racing, what else does Cross Country do? Do they fundraise? Do they volunteer? Well, it’s important to note they do both. To fundraise for the team, Cross Country collaborates with Krispy Kreme to sell their delicious donuts to the community, which is another way Palo Verde can show their support. Not only that, but they also help an organization called Pink Trash Bags in order to do river clean ups throughout the year. All in all, this team does put in the work in more ways than one!