Palo Verde Snack Shack

Mark Hernandez

      The Palo Verde High School Snack Shack has been passed down for generations. What happens behind the scenes? So far this school year, the snack shack has been doing well with sales according to Class of 2024 Treasurer, Kori Madsen. As far as leadership goes in the snack shack, Class of 2024 Advisor Mr. Holquin and parent volunteer Jenissa Hernandez are the adults that supervise and help the students run the snack shack. Students who’ve worked inside the snack shack love having Jenissa around. She “Shows strong leadership and is a fun person to be around”, according to volunteer Marixsa Gutierrez. When asked about her thoughts on the snack shack, Jenissa says that “some things could be better but it still runs smoothly.” Even though the snack shack is run by the Junior class, it has been seen and acknowledged that Mr. Holquins’s culinary class also puts in 100% effort forward while they work in the snack shack, according to members of the Class of 2024.

     According to Class of 2024 Treasurer, Kori Madsen, so far the busiest night in the snack shack has been when the Cheer Clinic event occurred at halftime of the PVHS Varsity Football Game. Class of 2024 Advisor Mr. Holquin was asked how he was feeling going into Senior night at the PVHS Football Game, he exclaimed, “it’s gonna be tough for sure but we’ll come prepared.” I actually had the opportunity to go inside the snack shack prior to Friday’s football game and check it out. Everything was sanitary and in ship-shape. It appeared that it was all cleared out of any food items after the PVHS Football Game this past Friday. As the snack shack is prepared and restocked for Friday’s game, everyone at PVHS wishes them good luck and hopes they have another great turnout like last Friday.