Lights, Camera, Action, on Own the Vision


Palo Verde High School’s Own the Vision Club will be taking a trip to Universal Studios to Hollywood on May 25. They will be leaving early in the morning and returning at 11 p.m.

Own the Vision is a student-driven club focusing on taking a vision and making it happen at PVHS. The club provides opportunities for students who aren’t active on campus but want to be involved in school activities. This club hopes to create positive memories for PVHS students’ high school experience. The club’s first fundraiser will be taking place on February 4, 2023. It’ll be a Barbacoa Plate Drive-thru Dinner at Scott Stadium from 3-7 pm. Participation in this fundraiser will be on the requirements to make you eligible for the Universal Studios trip as well as selling 5 tickets for the dinner, attending all future meetings, putting in a $25 non-refundable deposit by March 31 in order to secure your spot, good attendance and behavior, and participating in the youth force clean up. To become an Own the Vision member sign up for the Own the Vision google classroom. In order to get the code, students can speak to this year’s amazing club officers. As president we have Matthew Longoria, vice president Amy Moreno, secretary Leah Pena, and treasurer Dulce Jimenez. Since this is Own the Vision’s first year up as a club, the officers are very excited and are looking towards the trip. Amy Moreno says “ The club has gone through many ups and downs but we took them as learning experiences and we have definitely grown as a club.” She also says that she “hopes to have a fun experience with the club members during the trip and to have the chance to get out of a small town and be able to give that opportunity to people who never can.” In charge of the club is PV’s amazing counselor Elearie Johnson. Without Ms. Johnson’s endless support and helping hand the club would have never been established. Come join Own the Vision today!