Spring Sports Preview

Delysa Camargo

It’s that time again. Spring sports are ramping up. If you’re new to PVHS, the spring sports are: boys golf, softball, baseball, swim, and track and field. Each of these teams is looking to pick up new members.

Ms. Hann’s expectations for all spring sports are to make playoffs and for all students on the academic list to get recognized. She wants each sport to be competitive and has athletes that bring the best out in each other. Who are willing to try and be better and give their best efforts all the time 110%. Her main goal is that the student-athletes show good sportsmanship while they compete at such a high level. As you can tell Ms. Hann is very much excited for spring sports to begin. Especially because she can’t wait to see how competitive PV can be and she is amazed by the number of people who signed up. 

Mr. Peterson encourages his team to go to the golf course and practice during the off-season. He reminds the athletes to start playing more but most of them are year around golfers so they come to the season ready. While Peterson enjoys spending time with his past golfers he would really like to see some new faces out on the course. One of his personal goals is to win a league championship. Overall, Peterson is really looking forward to this upcoming season especially because it’s less stressful than when he’s coaching basketball. 

JV Coach Angela Story-Griffin’s expectations for this season is for the athletes to stay dedicated to softball and their academics. Mrs. Story-Griffin encourages the girls if they haven’t already to throw the ball around and go to tryouts with everything they got. If the ball gets past them she wants athletes who are willing to learn and that just don’t give up right away. One of her main goals is to prepare the upcoming athletes for Varsity and to have a very productive season. Mrs. Story-Griffin is looking forward to seeing all the new talent and the bonds that will turn the team into a family. 

Baseball Coach, Jeff Phipps’s expectations for the upcoming season are for his athletes to improve on their weaknesses and become more flexible when it comes to playing different positions. During the off-season, Mr. Phipps started a travel ball team and they have been practicing for months to help prepare for the upcoming season. They played about 5 games in the valley to help simulate what they’re going to be seeing this season. One of their goals as a whole is to keep working hard and win yet another ring. Mr. Phipps is looking forward to this season because he knows if the team does its best all the time they should have no problem winning that ring.

Mr. Jorgensen has been training since August with returning athletes and anyone who wanted to start getting in shape for track. Jorgensen’s top goal is to qualify for league finals and get around 20-25 students to qualify. Whether it’s for relay races or high jumpers. Mr. Jorgensen is pumped for this season. He thinks the competition will be head-to-head but it will help the team build strength to qualify for CIF and to better the team as a whole. 

Swim Coach, Teresa Houston’s expectation for this season is to rebuild her whole team since half of the team graduated in 2022. So she’s looking forward to meeting and training all the new swimmers. In order to prepare for the swim season PVHS hired 2 assistant coaches. Coach Adde Iwai who has been working with Mrs. Houston forever, and Coach Bonnet who is a former member of the team and who manages the Blythe PAL Summer Aquatics Program. Some of her team goals are for the girl’s relay team to qualify for CIFS. One other goal she has is to qualify for some individual events for CIF. Enough Mrs. Houston lost a lot of her swimmers. She’s still looking forward to things going back to normal before the pandemic hit. She’s also looking forward to seeing some quality race finishes turned in by returning swimmers who looked very promising at the end of last year.

Now that I’ve told you about all the different types of spring sports there are. You should really consider getting out of your comfort zone and playing any one of these sports that seem the most interesting to you. It’s never too late to get out there. If you have any questions regarding any spring sport please contact the Athletic Director Ms. Hann at [email protected].