Palo Verde High School Baseball Season Starts

Gavyn Nasca

One of the Palo Verde High School spring sports, baseball, has started. The first day of baseball tryouts began on February 13, and the second day was supposed to continue on the 14th but the wind got too bad to perform in, so the day two of tryouts were postponed for the next day, Wednesday. The first day of  Palo Verde Baseball tryouts consisted of running from the left field foul ball post to the right field foul ball post and back against the home run fence two times. The first of two laps were players jogging at a medium pace, and the second lap were all players sprinting as fast as possible by the fence deep in the outfield. After the two laps were completed, the players stretched. High knees, high kicks, karaoke, and more stretches. After the stretches, the participants at tryouts would go get a ball and glove and play catch, gradually backing up farther and warming up their arms. The first day of tryouts were for coaches to see a players’ arm strength, how far they can throw, and their fielding skill, to determine if the player will be put on junior varsity or varsity. The second day of tryouts consisted of batting practice and running bases. The players showed how they worked under pressure, and how they worked with players on base, off base, and how people would play against each other. All in all  Baseball tryouts were a success and players showed up to show out. The Junior Varsity team consists of 9 players: Logan Copple, Adrian Lainez, Tyler Marlatt, Cristian, Gonzales-Pinon, Roberto Luna, Dominic Rios, Alonzo Hernandez, Ismael Maciel, and Kole White. The Varsity team has 17 players: Christian Aguilar, Khalil Copple, Cyrus Flores, Christopher Hafen, Troy Pellegrini, Matthew Robertson, Xzavier Bejarano, Januel Fernandez, Aaron Garcia, Parker Loureiro, Daylan Perez, Drew Wright, Jayden Castillo, Matthew Figueroa, Nicholas Garcia, Nicholas Mojica, and Ty Phipps.

 Practice has been going on for Palo Verde High School baseball for around two weeks now. The Palo Verde boys played their first game a couple of Friday’s ago. The Junior Varsity team won with a score of 10 to 0, and the Varsity team won with a final score of 12 to 6. The players have been practicing about every day of the week, other than sunday since February 17th, and have another game on Wednesday of March 8th, against Needles in an away game. The boys leave Palo Verde around 8:50-9:00 to get ready and packed to go take on the next team. In the month of March there are 5 Junior Varsity and 9 Varsity games. The boys have tried their hardest at tryouts, they have practiced their hardest everyday they have practice, and now they will play as hard as they can at any game they play.