Chase the Goal


     This year’s guys’ soccer season started like no other. With a 7-0-1 pre-season, the guys were on a roll. Working hard at both practices and games, they showed how they are a family more than a team. Finishing their league season with a 14-0-2 record, they worked hard in order to finish their league season with no losses and transition into playoffs with a good mindset. We have interviewed team Captain, Cade Alaniz, and team Captain, Leo Godinez, to see what they have to say about this amazing team. 

     “This year our team was very close, we treated each other like family and I think that was a very important part of our success. As a team, I think we’re really solid in all areas of playing, but we do sometimes struggle with overconfidence, we make sure to give each other constructive criticism and it works very well because we all know that we just want to help each other. We put in the hard work at practice and it shows when we play. When a team scores 90 goals in a season it’s not just luck, it’s a reflection of the work we put in.” This is what Cade Alaniz had to say about, as he called it, their family. By not only receiving constructive criticism from their coach but also from each other, they help improve not only themselves but one another. 

     “The most important thing that kept us together was our faith in one another,” stated Leo Godinez. “I believe our record is a representation of all of our hard work and efforts during practice. Personally, I listen to music before a game to lock my mind in right, then I tell my teammates how I feel and explain to them how we are going to win the game and how much I appreciate them all.” This goes to show how their success throughout this season has been greatly due to how hard they worked both during games and at practice, how close this team is, and how much they trust each other.  

     This year’s guys’ soccer team has shown just how special they are and how successful they will be. As Cade Alaniz stated, “This team is definitely special and we are proving that by the success we have shown on the field. We are definitely going to make PV history and win the first league title for soccer and we plan on making PV proud.” Leo Godinez added, “I would just like to say that this is the best soccer team PV has ever and will ever see.” Congratulations boys on earning the league championship title, with an undefeated season. The PV family is proud of you! Way to make history!