Freshman Buddy Program

Lilyan, King

The freshman program was brought to life by the seniors in the senior seminar. This project was generated by having the seniors pick a freshman of choice. After everyone was assigned their partners, seniors started by introducing themselves to their freshman buddies. Freshmen were asked to set at least one goal for themselves with their senior buddy. The terms of the freshman buddy program are to spend 30 hours working together and to log it down, we are asked to complete the 30 hours by May of 2023. The purpose is to make sure they don’t fail any classes and overall be the person that your freshman buddy could go to for any sort of support. The program was thought of to help the younger students who need a little extra push or support. The seniors of the senior seminar wanted to be able to bring something to the incoming freshmen class that we didn’t have and create a legacy with the help of the teacher Mrs.Chica Wallace. Many students don’t have one person who is there for support and for most that are what causes the lack of effort getting put into their education. Multiple seniors have two freshman buddies, along with two seniors sharing one freshman. This allows the freshman to feel a little more at ease with the upperclassmen. With this program, we wish to better our school and keep this program as a tradition. We’re hoping to improve the schools’ overall grade average and attendance by encouraging our students. This program is not only to help better our freshmen but also to give the seniors a feeling of responsibility. Soon the seniors will be graduating and most seniors don’t have major responsibilities. This program will allow the seniors to practice time management, communication skills, etc. preparing them for college or their future.